& She's a Beautiful Disaster

a. b a l ' s . "Long live the walls we crashed through. I had the time of my life with you."

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do you ever get the urge to get up in the middle of the night while everyone else is fast asleep and just walk places and to be completely alone and entirely dedicated to your thoughts

yes but the problem is i dont want to get murdered u feel me

i feel you 

we all feel you 

why are so many people touching me

This is why you don’t walk around in the middle of the night

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This weekend was the best weekend of my life. Words cannot express what I feel toward you. You took the time to get to know me, my in’s and outs, my faults and more and not for a second did you judge me. You make me smile, laugh, and make my heart stop every time you smile. What I did to deserve you, I do not know, but I thank God each and everyday for you. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my treasure, my angel and so much more babe. Nothing matters when I am with you, the hours of the day are nonexistent. When you hold and kiss me, it is just so natural. Never in my life have I doubted what we have. All of the beautiful memories we have together will always remain in my heart. You are my past,  present and future. I love you so much big head. I won’t continue with this because you already know where you stand and what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained. As I told you this whole weekend, the ring and roses were BEAUTIFUL! Vera Wang sure as hell made money off of you! Lol jk baby ;) gee-whizzz